Do you ever ask yourself that question? “What’s the point?”

What’s the point of working so hard?

What’s the point of studying?

What’s the point of praying?

What’s the point of saving money?

What’s the point of being nice to everybody all the time?

I’ve asked myself those three words countless times.

But why? Why do we ask ourselves this adverse question?

My truthful (& kinda, really embarrassing) answer? To make it easier to give up on difficult tasks and also make myself feel better about expecting the worst of a given situation.

It is ridiculously sad how unnecessarily negative my mindset can be. I get so upset when things don’t go as I planned or as I had imagined they would (I know I’m not the only one who runs an imaginary play-by-play in my head of how a situation, conversation, or plan will ideally go). When my plans get “messed up” or altered I let it break me down to the point of telling myself, “Welp, there’s no point in trying anymore!” or, “My plan is just going to get wrecked and all fall apart anyways, so I might as well just give up now!”

I get upset. I blame God. And I have even come close to giving up on God, thinking He just has it out for me (dramatic much??? yeah… I know).

HOW PATHETIC IS THAT?! Why do we wallow in self-pity when things go awry? Or get angry and throw fits (well.. at least I do) when things don’t go our way even though we prayed and prayed and begged God for His help?

I recently finished reading the book Hope in the Dark written by Life.Church pastor Craig Groeschel (HIGHLY recommend!) and throughout the book, the story of Habakkuk is frequently referenced. Craig unfolds this story and explains how Habakkuk wrestled with his faith and how he often questioned God during the dark times in his life. No matter how many times Habakkuk prayed and asked God for help, he never seemed to get the answer or action that he immediately wanted (sound familiar?).

God’s intention wasn’t to keep Habakkuk in the dark. He would never leave Habakkuk. Habakkuk’s timing just wasn’t aligned with GOD’s timing. God kept speaking over Habakkuk, advising him to wait patiently and promising him that the time would come for restoration and healing.

Just like with Habakkuk, God is never going to leave us. We are His children. We must simply remember that God will bring recovery and replenishment according to HIS timing, not ours.

And God doesn’t discourage our questioning, or our doubts. He welcomes them! Because to really KNOW God, you have to wrestle through pain, struggle through those honest doubts, and even live with unanswered questions at times.

Through reading this incredibly raw and painfully honest book, I learned that if you wrestle with God, seek Him, and cling to Him, He WILL meet you in your pain.

We are all important in God’s story. He will never abandon us, and He is working everything out for our good.

It’s usually at your deepest time of need that He meets you, comforts you, and lifts you into a place where healing can finally begin. But only if you’re willing to truly listen.

If I am being honest, this season of my life (especially these past 5 months) has been the hardest, most painful time in my life.

BUT I am so thankful!

I am thankful for this time spent in the valley – wrestling with doubts, asking lots of unnerving questions, fighting with my faith ­– because I am closer to God than I have EVER been.

Even though I still wrestle with doubts at times (hey, it’s totally normal, we’re human!), I feel an indescribable sense of strength and peace. Things may not be going the way I planned they would, recovery may not be moving as quickly or as easily as I would like, but God’s got me! And He’s got you as well!

“God is rarely early, never late, and always right on time.”

And honestly, I KNOW that if I wasn’t faced with this season of unbearable heartache and hopelessness, my faith would be nowhere NEAR where it’s at today.

I can feel God’s presence so strongly and I have heard His comforting words, encouraging me to trust in Him and in His timing, and rely on HIS strength and not my own. I am weak, but He makes me strong.

We are ALL weak, but He makes us all STRONG! God wants us all to know and believe this. He wants us all to draw close to Him and seek Him, even in the midst of our pain and brokenness.

God welcomes and embraces our brokenness. It doesn’t burden Him. He doesn’t get annoyed by it. He USES our broken pieces and dark moments and turns them into something BEAUTIFUL!

So, instead of saying “what’s the point?” and just giving up and losing hope, I urge you to embrace the valleys. They aren’t the most pleasant, trust me I know, but it’s where you grow closer to God and stronger in your faith.

Remember that something greater is going on behind the scenes. Something greater than any trials and struggles we find ourselves caught up in.

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kimberlysmith51 · June 7, 2019 at 5:41 pm

I’m so impressed and proud of you! I love how you are growing closer to God in this time of struggle.
I love you!

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