Okay, let’s be real.

Sometimes it can feel as though God is silent. Like He’s abandoned us and left us high and dry — to fend for ourselves.

We all have seasons of wilderness — where we feel lost and alone and as though there’s no way out.

Seasons of silence from God aren’t meant to hurt us or cause us anguish. Instead, they are meant to strengthen, not weaken, our faith. Every single day God exemplifies His mercy, power, and provision, yet in the pause it’s so easy for us to forget His faithfulness. It’s nearly impossible for us to understand God’s timing or ways.

Feeling lost and abandoned and alone is a very scary place to be. I get it.

There’s been many times where I’ve just wanted to give up, throw in the towel, believe the lies of the enemy telling me: your God can’t save you from this; He wants you to suffer. You’re alone and you’re weak.

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve very much believed that lie. Many times, it has felt as though I’m alone – that I’m too weak and God maybe even wants me to suffer. But time and time again, my loving Father has shown me just who He is. My Shepherd. My Defender. My Protector. My saving Grace. My Redeemer. My Guide. My Peace. My Joy. My Lifeline.

Truth is, I am never EVER lost because my Jesus has declared me FOUND!

And He’s declared you found!!

Even though at times we may feel abandoned by God, we aren’t. God has never and will never abandon you or me or any of His children, ever. God is omnipresent, which means that He is always present; everywhere at the same time. He is forever and ever, eternally with you — with us all.

He is with you, carrying you in and through your wilderness. Even if you don’t see, hear, or feel Him at work, He’s there and you better believe He’s working on something far greater than you or I could ever imagine.

God knows exactly what He’s doing. Even when we’re scared and confused and we don’t know how we’re going to continue moving forward, our God will always open a new door. He will give us new strength. He will guide us down a new path. He will present us with a new opportunity or relationship. Our new door could lead to an unimaginable kind of happiness. A door that puts an end to the pain and the suffering.

God hears our prayers. He hears us crying out for Him. He listens to His children and He gives us exactly what we want, but in His own way and in His own timing. His way is most likely different from our own ways, but His way is always the best and right way.

Our Father is always answering our questions, we just have to trust His timing and His answers. He’s looking out for all of His children. Even when we can’t feel Him. Even when we feel abandoned and alone in a season of wilderness.

It’s not always easy to see, and may be impossible to understand just why things happen when they do and how they do, but one thing is for certain — God will never leave you alone in the dark. He will guide you when you cannot see. He will carry you when you are too weak. He will comfort you when you are too scared or anxious. He will inspire you when you are too drained. And He will rearrange things in your life so you can change your life.

God wants us more than anything to count on Him — to lean on Him and come to Him with our burdens and heavy hearts. Nothing in this life here on earth is secure or complete. There will be moments when you will just have to count on your faith instead of your logic. And God will allow you to go through enough problems so you can have the wisdom to know and trust that He is the only constant in this life, and He’s the only one who can truly heal you.

God always has a plan for you, and that plan always includes what is best for you.


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