My Beloved,

I know your every thought.

When you stand in front of the mirror and grumble about your hair being too “thin” and “stringy”, your thighs too “thick”, and your face, “oddly shaped”, I hear all those thoughts.

I hear you complain about your stomach and the pimples that seem to worsen when it’s that time of the month.

I hear you say you want a fuller butt and smaller waist. I watch as you creep on random girls on social media – wishing you looked like them, had a life like them, had what they have.

Yes, My beloved, I’ve listened to you compare yourself to other girls. I even have heard your tears stream down your face and hit your pillow the night that silly young boy broke your heart and you thought it was because you weren’t pretty enough.

I hear all of it. And, My child, it breaks my heart.

I know you think you’re not pretty enough.. but darling, I didn’t create you to be enough for this “not enough” world. In fact, I didn’t even create you for this world.

I created you for something much greater than getting hundreds of likes on your selfies or being an instagram “influencer”. I created you for something way more important than having that hot guy comment on your filter-heavy picture. I created you to be in relationship with Me, your Heavenly Father.

I created you to find joy in your purpose, not in how you look on a Saturday night.

When I designed you, I handcrafted you in My image. No other creation in the entire universe was designed that way. Not flowers. Not beaches or sunsets. Even puppies were not created in my image like you are.

You were knit together so perfectly. My most prized creation.

Yet you still let the numbers on the scale define you. You stand in front of the mirror and pick apart each and every inch of your body. You complain about your lack of beauty. You grumble about the way in which I handcrafted you.

Please, My child, hear Me when I tell you…

You are My most beautiful creation, My greatest gift, My gorgeous masterpiece.

I designed you. Every part of you. Even that strand of hair on the side of your head that never seems to stay straight. Even the tiny freckles scattered all over your body that you try so hard to cover.

I created every curve and bend of your body and every single hair on your head. I created you, not to be gawked at by boys, but to reflect My image for all those around you to see.

You’ve been told that you’re ugly by people who don’t even know you. You’ve fallen victim to the lies insecure girls have said about your body. You’ve told yourself over and over again that you’ll never add up to anything; that you’ll never be enough.

But, My child, I’m here to tell you: you’ve got it all wrong. Those strangers were wrong. Those insecure girls were wrong. The voice in your head is wrong. The world is wrong.

The world tells you that you’re not pretty enough. I say you are altogether beautiful.

The world tells you that you look better when you hide your face behind a mask of makeup. I say I created you in My image.

The world tells you that life is better if you look like an airbrushed model. I say that you find joy in life only when you walk with Me.

My precious daughter, every single inch of you is beautiful, and I created you just the way you are for a reason. You’re My greatest masterpiece, My most prized treasure.

You are MY child, and your ability to walk with Me is your greatest gift.

Know the worth I have given you, My child. Know that you may never be enough for this world, but you are more than enough for Me.

I created you on purpose and for a purpose.

Cling to Me, and I will give you everlasting joy. Your physical beauty is temporary. Your body is not eternal. Everything surrounding you on this earth is temporary. But I am not.

Start doing life with me more. Stop worrying about these earthly things you can’t control or change. Instead, open your Bible, pray to Me, hangout with Me.

Your beauty won’t be with you forever, but I will.

You may not feel beautiful. You may not feel enough. But I, who hung the stars and painted the seas, made you in My image, and that’s more than enough.

You are My beloved,
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