It is an overwhelming time for many right now. Uncertainty, fear, and confusion cover our country like a blanket.

In the middle of all the uproar and craziness, it becomes so easy to fall into a state of utter chaos. Many of us are displaced and disconnected from our normal routine, which leads to stress, anxiety, and fear.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and fear, these moments are especially triggering for me. In the past few weeks, I have felt an overwhelming sense of loss and fear. Not knowing when all of this will end and learning how to do a lot of things from home.

But as a believer I have a choice — we have a choice. We have the option to choose faith over fear and Christ over chaos.

Choosing Faith Over Fear

This is when we have to lean into the truth that He is in complete control. COVID-19 did not come as a surprise to God. He knew all of this would happen. He didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Oh shoot, there’s an unknown virus among my children. How did that happen?”

No, y’all! God saw this coming, and although I don’t believe He sent this virus as a punishment, I do believe He is using the circumstances and speaking through them. He is taking all the pain and suffering and creating a purpose. God’s got a plan. For me, for you, for us.

In seasons of uncertainty, we may find ourselves having to recommit our fears back to God every morning, every hour if we must. Faith isn’t always a feeling. Many times it’s a choice — a choice to depend on Him when our reality is filled with doubt. Even if you don’t know what’s going to happen, even if you feel overwhelmed, scared, and unsure — FAITH tells you that God is already there, God knows and God knew from the beginning!

Let this be your reminder to let your faith be bigger than your fear and let Him be the calm in the chaos.

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