Realistic content with some honest talk about eating disorder recovery & mental health!

Welcome to The Beauty Beyond Bones! This is a realistic lifestyle and mental health blog that was founded by me, Lexi Smith, in January 2019. With this platform, I hope to share content that is relatable for those struggling with mental health and informative for those who do not.

I want it to be realistic.

I want to share real moments with you, but also share ways I’ve been able to cope throughout my journey and why I wouldn’t change my struggle. One of those reasons being this blog and online community. If I didn’t struggle with an eating disorder or anxiety, I never would’ve started talking publicly about mental health awareness. And talking about mental health is SO incredibly important, which has been proven to me time and time again when I hear from you guys about how much me talking about this means to you.

So, thank you, for encouraging me to make The Beauty Beyond Bones what it is. It wouldn’t be what it is without you.